Personal, Professional, Leadership and Christian Coaching

Personal coaching allows for you to become better in any area of your personal life. Some examples are: understanding your values and priorities, working on relationships, communicating more effectively, becoming financially secure, working toward becoming healthier by losing weight, exercising and/or eating better. Basically, we help you to change your current lifestyle and mindset to overcome barriers that may be holding you back.
Professional coaching will help you if you feel that your job is not something that you enjoy doing every day. Or you may enjoy your job but have challenges with your boss or a co-worker. We can help you work through the issues on the job where you are happier about the work you do and are excited about going to work. We will look at what you really enjoy doing based on your talents and strengths and help find the right career for you.

We also offer professional coaching to businesses for their employees, one on one, leaders or entire departments.

Leadership coaching is for anyone who wants to be a leader or is currently a leader in an organization or business. We coach people who want to be leaders but are not sure how to get started. We also coach leaders who want to strengthen their skills and/or team to work more effectively.
Christian coaching is for those who are in a ministry role or for Christians who feel they are not doing what God wants them to do.

  • In a ministry role, there are struggles where one can be overwhelmed with all there is to do and all the people he or she supports.
  • For new Christians we can help with working through what should be next in their life according to God’s will.
  • For those who are Christians and just need to get back on the right track, we can help them to overcome barriers that are leading them down the wrong path.