Career Development
This class can be offered to your employees or your organization’s members who want to determine where they are now in their career. This class helps participants discover what their passion is in life and what steps they can take to move forward to a career they will enjoy.

This comes with a self-assessment on what type of communicator you are and how to better communicate to others by understanding the best way to communicate to them. We do one-on-one exercises and group exercises. You will learn to become more aware of how you communicate and how others can better understand you.
Flip the Switch on Communication

This class is to give you a new insight to leadership. Many believe they can’t lead or don’t know how; however, everyone can be a leader and is probably already leading and just don’t realize it. We can help you to become an effective leader in any area of your life and you will learn how to take steps to move forward as a leader.
Flip the Switch on Leadership

Mingle Mania
This course teaches even the most timid person how to meet and greet others. It is all ‘hands on’ with opportunities to talk one-on-one and in groups. The participants go through some mingle exercises, learn about the importance of networking and receive handouts to help them get started setting goals to network and mingle more.

You will learn how to get and stay motivated. We look at what motivates us and what de-motivates us. It is a lot of discussion and sharing about when we are most motivated and why. There are handouts and exercises to do with this class. We do coaching with this one as well where some of the participants give a real life situation and we talk through how this person can get more motivated to get things done. 

This class is about how to create teams, focus on the goal and get results. In a working environment, or any environment, the members of the team can make or break the success of the project. Learn how to lead an effective team where things get done and the team members are energized. Learn about teambuilding exercises and how to make them effective, building relationships and motivating the members to get the job done.

Please note:
All classes come with an option of follow-up for the participants where we check back with them to see how they are doing and help them to stay on track so what they have learned is not wasted.